Letter: An entertainment district for Snowmass

At the last Snowmass Village Town Council session, I spoke about remedying the urban blight of Base Village.

The sensible, most creative and profitable economic solution is to create a business-improvement district that is an entertainment district. Certificates of participation can do some of the job like they did for the Snowmass Village Town Hall building.

It can have attributes of Beale Street in Memphis, Sunset Boulevard in West Hollywood, Broadway theaters in New York City, theater productions at summer resorts or even the excitement of Universal City Walk at Universal Studios in Los Angeles.

I can assure you people would come across Independence Pass and along Highway 82 and fly into the airports in the counties of Garfield, Eagle, Mesa and Pitkin to visit. They would want to enjoy good entertainment, music, live theater and such by A-list and B-list actors, actresses and showbiz entertainers.

Of course, those who applaud my entertainment-district idea realize there is vibrancy, moneymaking, fun and a definite one-of-a-kind aspect with this project for hundreds of miles around that would be difficult to duplicate elsewhere.

Snowmass Village would have surplus money to hire more well-paid police officers for security and law and order.

Also, the town would have ample funds to turn part-time town workers into full-time employees to provide the services and the safe-keeping that the people of Snowmass Village justly deserve to make all much richer, happier and more motivated to make things work better for the good of all.

What do you think of this golden goose that could increase the town’s sales tax revenue above 35 percent to maybe 55 percent and lodging tax revenue by 60 percent? It is more than possible to achieve through the more effective and efficient efforts by Snowmass Tourism.

Snowmass Tourism Director Rose Abelloo, let’s get busy! No time to waste! Start smiling and dialing!

Emzy Veazy III

Burbank, California, and Aspen