Letter: An endorsement from the midvalley

Aspen is again fortunate to have many capable candidates running for the Aspen School District Board of Education. I would like to share with you the excellent contributions one of the candidates has made to the Aspen School District. As a longtime resident of Aspen and an incumbent candidate, Sandra Peirce is not new to her commitment to service on behalf of students in the Aspen School District.

During the time I served as the superintendent of the Aspen School District, I had the pleasure of working with Sandra on both school accountability committees and the District Accountability Committee. She was also instrumental in the success of three different bond and mill-levy elections during the seven years I was there. She and Roxanne Willsky coordinated the publicity and communications efforts for all three successful elections. Her leadership and tireless efforts, on behalf of the Aspen students, were greatly appreciated.

She has continued her dedicated service as a school board member, on the college fair boards and with the Valley Partnership. Despite the fact that both of her children have graduated and are no longer in the school district, her desire to participate and serve on the Board of Education is still strong. All of her service and activities provide her with a perspective that is always beneficial in the decision-making role of a board member. Sandra is a great thinker who listens to all sides of an issue before making any decision. She does not let her own personal agendas take the place of balanced decision-making.

I urge you to give Sandra Peirce your most serious consideration.

Diana Sirko


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