Letter: An easy decision for Carbondale

An easy decision for Carbondale

Dear Editor:

Choosing the James Surls Museum for the Gordon Cooper Library space is a no-brainer. We need more visitors to our great town and this is the only suggestion that will bring them and much needed revenue with them. It will put Carbondale on the map as important to the visual arts and could attract other galleries to town, making this a real destination for true art lovers and collectors.

Yes, we are a family town: We love our kids and grandkids, but using the library for a family day-care center will not increase revenues nor bring new visitors to town nor put us on the map as the most unique town of its size in the state (and beyond).

This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for our town and James Surls is an exceptional artist with the backing to make the museum a true center of culture for our wonderful town. There are many other places that could serve the other wonderful suggestions for the space, but the Surls Museum is the only one that will make our town even more unique than it already is.

We urge the city officials to make this important decision for the future of Carbondale.

Wewer and Steve Keohane