Letter: An Aspen NextGen progress report

Aspen NextGen is focused on revitalizing local business and supporting creatives to ensure a mix of people are able to continue to live in Aspen well into the future. That is why, with our partners, we helped launch the Create Mentorship program, which brings together professionally experienced and accomplished members of the community and pairs them with energetic Aspenites looking to build a business, project or nonprofit. At the end of February, more than 25 potential mentees showed up at the Limelight Hotel to learn about the program and to be matched with one of 80 mentors already registered. It was a great crowd and demonstrated serious interest; we have a lot of talent here! Thanks to the Limelight for hosting and to our community partners for continuing to support Create Mentorship. If you are interested in becoming a mentee or mentor, starting or scaling your business or nonprofit, or simply making the move from the “bar to the boardroom,” please visit or email Director Mike Jahn directly at

Skippy Mesirow