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Letter: An apology to the community

An apology to the community

The purpose of this letter is to take responsibility for my borderline personality disorder and eating disorder. Specifically, I would like to apologize to the Aspen community for not following through with treatment and relapse prevention plans. My actions associated with these disorders have affected both individuals and organizations throughout the United States, Europe and Mexico. These actions include:

Irresponsible sexual activity with an undisclosed sexually transmitted disease; lack of disclosure of sexually transmitted disease to health and other professionals; causing relationship difficulties; misrepresenting myself, my history and my financial circumstances; credit card application fraud; disordered eating and food addiction; prolonged periods of isolation and lack of communication; lying; spending and returning; impulsive decision-making; indecent exposure; dream addiction; chronic procrastination; disorganization and disorganized thinking; trouble with decision-making; manipulation within relationships; occasional misuse of medication to restrict eating and avoid uncomfortable situations; intermittent days of not taking prescribed medications; requesting medication as an option for suicide; suicide attempts and threats; misrepresentation of time spent working and subsequent unearned payment from previous employers; inactivity (not following a healthy fitness routine); caffeine addiction; lying on customs declarations; obtaining false identification from the state of Colorado for the purpose of binge drinking; attempting to breast feed an infant and theft (money from family and roommate).

I sincerely apologize for my lack of responsibility.

Felice Nida