Letter: An angel among the confusion

I was involved in a three-car accident on Sept. 20, at about 1:20 p.m., on Highway 82 by the turnoff to Emma Road. There was a small, white dog in the middle of the highway. I was in the left lane, I came to almost a complete stop as to not hit the small dog, and when I did, I was hit from behind by a small, silver car that was hit from behind by a large, white truck with a trailer hauling a Bobcat. He must have been going pretty fast; the impact was unreal.

I am writing this today to thank the young man from New Jersey, who has lived here for eight years, for the comfort he provided me at the scene. I forgot his name, but he calmed me and gave me some water as I stood there for what seemed like hours as everyone attended to the lady and two kids who were in the car that hit me and that the truck hit.

I eventually was treated by the Basalt ambulance — thank you, Marlin — and taken to Aspen Valley Hospital. I had not been in a car accident before, but it amazed me that I never received a call from anyone, including the State Patrol, until I called it Monday. Is this normal? Then when I did call, the State Patrol had no idea a third car was involved. Well, whom did they think the lady in the silver car hit? This has definitely been one of the strangest experiences I have ever been through; I have no car, and no one really seems to care!

Anyway, thanks again to the nice young man. He was a true angel that day! I sure appreciate you!

Feeling left out!

Rhonda Coxon

Snowmass Village