Letter: An amazing weekend at Ajax

An amazing weekend at Ajax

Thanks to Aspen Skiing Co. for a stellar “soft opening” of Ajax this weekend. In particular, I want to thank a ticket maven named Marianne, who managed the decidedly difficult task of keeping us in an orderly fashion as we waited for that first gondola. Since we were all there, I don’t need to describe the line on Sunday (huge!); Marianne was sweet and charming as she reminded so many of us Aspenites to hang tight.

Imagine all of us there, before the coffee kicked in: “But, my friend is up there,” “Maybe I’ll just set my skis down up there?”, “But I just went to park the car!”, “It’s just been soooo long …” And Marianne handed it graciously, all in good spirits.

All of the Skico staff rocked (kudos to the patrollers opening new runs right and left and chortling “Who wants to go powder skiing?”), the snow was incredible and Marianne kept us smiling on the way. We are all special enough to jump the line, but we didn’t have to because there was snow and fun enough for us all, all weekend long.


Margaret Woodward