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Letter: An 8-year-old inaccuracy

Recently I came across an Aspen Times article dated Jan. 30, 2007 — “Explore Booksellers: Defying a trend” — in which Mark Billingsley claimed to have been Explore’s manager for the previous eight years. This is completely inaccurate and a bit delusional. He had only been a manager for one year alongside two others of us booksellers who also were appointed as managers so that the three of us would act as a transition team after the death of the original owner. Some basic fact-checking from a reliable source might have prevented this misrepresentation. It’s disappointing that the two others of us, who carried much more weight at that time, were not even mentioned.

Sometimes what people purport isn’t always accurate, so it might help to cross-check facts with another reference.

In other articles in the Times as well as the Daily News, people have graciously appointed themselves as “doctor” but without clarification as to what kind of doctor they are. Universities that award honorary doctorates, to those who donate money or make some other contribution to the university or to society, specify that the title be used only in formal communications with the university and not within the public domain. Otherwise the designation can be misleading, misrepresentative and possibly illegal. There is one person in particular who takes full advantage of this deception, repeatedly designating himself as “doctor” when in actuality he is no more a doctor than my pet rock.

Brigid Radford

Former Explore Booksellers employee, Savannah, Georgia