Letter: Americans still in denial about Sept. 11

The most critical 21/2 seconds in American history happened 13 years ago. What transpired occurred in plain sight, was recorded by multiple cameras, has been officially confirmed by the National Institute of Science and Technology and is either unknown or discounted by most Americans.

On Sept. 11, Building 7, the third tower, a 47-story skyscraper, did indeed fall (as truthers have insisted since Sept. 12) at free-fall speed for the first 21/2 seconds of its collapse. The only plausible explanation for free fall, according to the laws of physics, is controlled demolition. In an act of treason and propaganda, it took seven long years for the federal government to finally admit the obvious.

If America had recognized this truth on Sept. 12, the nightmares of post-Sept. 11 may have been avoided, including the disaster in the Middle East, which threatens us this very instant, and our loss (perhaps forever) of civil liberties. Murderers would have faced justice and not roam free as they do today to continue their treachery.

However, it was impossible for most Americans to accept the obvious on Sept. 11. It was impossible seven years later when the truth became “official” and improbable today because America’s worldview, ignoring scientific facts, does not allow even the consideration that depraved elements of our government were and still are co-conspirators.

A worldview is the framework of ideas and attitudes that we, both individually and culturally, use to create our reality. History is littered with the catastrophes of erroneous worldviews. Humanity ground to death and despair because their worldview was engineered by propaganda.

It is happening, now, at your peril. While your worldview is basically to trust our government, we live in a police state where our highest officials blatantly lied to Congress and were exposed and still maintain their positions, continuing to create an absolutely, fundamentally unconstitutional mass-surveillance system unrivaled in the history of tyranny. A police state has armed itself to the teeth and covered up its treason on Sept. 11 by refusing to admit the obvious for seven long years.

Two and a half seconds is long enough to change your worldview. Search

Will Kesler

Snowmass Village