Letter: America in ruins

America in ruins

There was an article in the paper several weeks ago with a school board member from Roaring Fork School District asking what do we really want our kids to learn in school. The following is my late response.

Russia told us long ago that America would be defeated from within by the lack of the following:

1. Patriotism — love of country

2. Worship

3. Morals

All of the above is the backbone of America and is what made America great and free. Unfortunately, Stalin was right.

Teddy Roosevelt said, “When you educate a man in mind and not in morals, you educate a menace to society.”

We are now faced with self-centered young — do what you want, no integrity, no honesty, no decency, no respect. Look at our TV, movies, magazines, schools, colleges.

Cheating. Shooting. Killing.

We no longer have freedom of speech, (which does away with any mention of God who gave us the Ten Commandments so we would have character and morals), American history, love of country and patriotism, which are of prime importance.

Wake up, America, before we lose all of our freedoms inch by inch.

Ruth Brown Perry