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Letter: All or nothing

Have we not heard of the separation between church and state? Are Adam Frisch and Meredith Carroll also concerned about the religious-holiday scheduling of our Muslum community? Our Scientology community? Our Buddhist community? Our agnostic and atheist community? Or are those beliefs too much of a minority to be a concern to them? I fully expect them to have every single religious holiday, from every single religion available at this next board meeting, because no religion or belief system is more important than the next. This can’t be a Jewish issue; it has to be a complete religious issue, or the same discrimination that Frisch and Carroll are complaining about they are showing to all other religions. My wife has a friend who believes she can ask the universe for things and receive them. Her belief is just as valid as the next person’s. So if we want to start making concessions for one religious holiday, then we need to make the same concessions for every single belief system that exists in mankind. There should be a winter break, a spring break and a summer break. Period. If the Jewish community would like the winter break at a different time from Christmas, then that’s fine, but we absolutely cannot put any religious view above another, or there is just a circle of discrimination based on demographic. Also, if the children are viewing their religious views as punishment, that’s not the school schedule’s fault. If God, whichever God you choose to worship, is paramount, than why is missing a field trip a bad thing? Does your God, whichever God, not always come before field trips? And if your kid feels like missing the field trip for religion is punishment, then maybe you should speak with your child about their own views and try to understand what they want without indoctrinating them. Maybe your child doesn’t have the same religious view as you do but you haven’t given them a chance to explore their own mind because you are forcing your own beliefs on them. Try speaking to your children, show them all the evidence for Christianity, Islam, Judaism, agnosticism, atheism, evolution, etc., and let them come up with their own opinions, and then maybe they won’t feel like your religious holidays are punishment.

Anthony Rizzuto


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