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Letter: All dogs deserve TLC

I am curious about the position of the Krabloonik supporters and some of those I have spoken to in the dogsledding community about their distinction of working dogs versus pet dogs.

I have watched working dogs with incredible respect and admiration. I am in awe when I watch herding dogs at work, and it is crystal clear that sled dogs love to work and pull a sled. In my opinion a working dog, in the right situation, may have a better life than many pet dogs because they can indulge their instincts while getting the exercise and stimulation they need. Working dogs have a purpose that many dog trainers recognize as important to a dog’s well-being.

What I don’t understand is how it can be acceptable to have eight working dogs, or even one working dog, malnourished and in need of veterinary care and that this is somehow acceptable or even expected when you have 250 dogs. Doesn’t every working dog deserve adequate nourishment, water, vet care, non-abusive training, protection from the elements and the ability to exercise all year around? Doesn’t a business owner who earns his or her living by using dogs owe their animals an opportunity for a comfortable retirement instead of just taking them to the s— pit and shooting them?

The decision to have 250 dogs comes with tremendous responsibility and the need to take care of all the dogs. Working dogs deserve care and respect; they are not just a disposable commodity.

Dawn Shepard


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