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Letter: Against irresponsible growth

The Nov. 3 ballot question on Base2 is about more than one person or one project. It is about trust, and it is a statement to the City Council that it is not required to give variances to everyone who asks for one to the detriment of neighborhoods and the quality of life in Aspen. The current offer to add parking has no guarantee. A “no” vote on the ballot question guarantees that any attempt to reinstate the lack of parking could not happen. The ballot question on Base2 is about one project but will send a clear message on the true intent of the referendum that we passed at the last election that the City Council chose to ignore because it did not agree with it. It is now the law. I want to make one additional point very clear: Opposing variances is not about opposition to growth but demanding smart growth that enhances a guest experience in our community and protects our future as a desirable destination for the next generation. Please send a clear message and vote “no” on Base2. For more information or to add your name to our supporter list, go to our website at http://www.votenoonbase2.com.

Marcia Goshorn