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Letter: Affordable to high-end? Not so fast

While I thank you for your support over the years, and more recently with your cover story of the changes at the Cantina, I’d like to address some misleading statements in your editorial (The Aspen Times, Commentary, “Tears in our Tecates? Not yet,” May 21).

First, it is the building owner, not I, who will convert the space we give up into retail space. It was simply too expensive to keep the entire space and our landlord kindly allowed us to return some to him.

Second, I am not doing away with Tex-Mex, but rather slimming down the Tex-Mex options and adding a new style of Mexican food. I’d think this amazing town I grew up in would be open to trying some new types of food.

Third, by giving up that back room and paying less rent, I will be able to keep the price point right where it always has been. It is my vision that we have a local friendly place that is thought of as a great restaurant not just a great place for Mexican food, and affordable to all. The Cantina still would be available for all the great events it has hosted over the years and still will be the biggest restaurant in town.

If you are truly concerned about local eateries becoming a thing of the past, perhaps your next editorial could be in support of limiting the insanely high number of liquor licenses that continue to be doled out. Otherwise the restaurant and bar scene soon will resemble the retail scene, which is completely dominated by multinational chains, and the independent, local operator will be a thing of the past.

Once again, thanks to all the locals, visitors and workers who have supported us over the years. I will continue to strive to make El Rincon a local’s place that will be here for many years to come. See you all soon!

Aidan Wynn


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