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Letter: Advice to Obama

1. When it comes to Congress, don’t take a vase of flowers to a gunfight.

2. Refer to John Boehner as “boy.” Running the U.S. House of Representatives is a man’s (or woman’s) job. He’s not up to it. For example: “It seems like there is a boy running the House.” This is turning the obvious racism on its head.

3. If the “boys” in the House want to vote for impeachment, use the immortal words of George W. Bush: “Bring it on!” This is nothing less than a modern-day lynching.

4. Write no more paychecks for the Supreme Court. Shut it down. There are five people on that court who are so blatantly partisan, they should be impeached. No court has been more “activist.” It ignores precedent at the same time it says it will defend precedent. We should all ignore the court. It has no power of enforcement. There is a big bundle of money on the scales of justice — on the right side.

5. You are in office because people voted for you. A lot of those folks are minorities. The statistics show that minorities are doing worse now than when you took office. You owe ’em. Get ’er done. The only way to beat this Congress is to go to the people. And don’t forget the misguided Republican voters who need as much help as the rest.

6. Put away the golf clubs. You’ll have plenty of time to play golf two years from now. It’s now or never.

If anybody thinks this is good advice, clip this out and send it to the White House. In fact, send it to anybody who might listen and/or do something.

Patrick Hunter


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