Letter: Advice from a dentist

To the residents of Snowmass, I would like to urge you to support fluoridating the water in your area for the benefit of all residents. The decay rate I see in patients who come from non-fluoridated communities, especially children, is much higher than in those who live in fluoridated areas. The optimal fluoride level recommended is 0.7 parts per million.

“It is the most efficient way to prevent one of the most common childhood diseases — tooth decay (five times as common as asthma and seven times as common as hay fever in 5- to 17-year-olds),” according to the American Dental Association.

The use of fluoride in our water is a great public-health measure that benefits people from every age group regardless of socioeconomic status or the ability to afford dental care. By promoting fluoride in the water, you are giving everyone an equal opportunity for this preventive care, which is crucial for those in the community who are most vulnerable. As a dentist, supporting fluoridation actually takes revenue away from my practice because it does such a great job of prevention with remineralization. I have seen it work in my practice, which is why I am a true supporter. There are plenty of cross-sectional scientific studies to support fluoridation, but I feel seeing it in action is the best way to know it works. Support your community and the members who are most vulnerable by keeping fluoride in the water.

Dr. Karen Urnise

Glenwood Springs