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Letter: Ads promoting stoned skiing send the wrong message

Ads promoting stoned skiing send the wrong message

Brian Radtke, chief operating officer of the Green Dragon pot store, said he’ll “have a nuclear meltdown” if his 13-year-old son gets a flier about a competitor’s goofy pot-infused sex lube product? (“Cannabis sex lube fliers have city hot and bothered,” Jan. 24, The Aspen Times).

Funny, I had the same reaction when I saw the ads that Radtke’s own store is running in local papers. He’s pimping Y5RX vape sticks loaded with “100 puffs” of sativa and indica so that pot heads can live “life without restrictions … when the big storm hits” and there’s “nothing to hold you back from the rush of a fresh powder run.” Wow, that’s a great message to be promoting in our community.

Radtke might want to examine his own ironic comments in Saturday’s Aspen Times story, where he was bemoaning a Denver company honing in on his sales territory and “not giving a crap about Aspen.” It might come as a surprise to him, but there are actually a lot of us in the valley who find it offensive that drug use is becoming “normalized” in our community. Yes, I know it’s legal to purchase pot, blah, blah, blah, but that doesn’t mean a pot shop should promote a message that it’s OK to break the law and get baked before you hit the slopes. It might be an inconvenient truth, but using ski facilities under the influence of drugs or alcohol is against the law and is a violation of the Colorado Ski Safety Act.

Stacey Craft