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Letter: Admit mistake in Basalt

It is too bad that Basalt paid so much money to relocate the Pan and Fork trailer park. It surely would have washed away this week. More unfortunate is the cost and effectiveness (or lack thereof) of the new flood-mitigation feature.

It was stated in the papers recently that the feature is designed to be breached (“River work overtopped, mostly by design,” The Aspen Times, June 16). Why the hell, then, would you want to build a hotel there? I went to have a look today, and it’s funny to see a fire hydrant sitting out in a river of floodwater. Some of the building materials for the Rocky Mountain Institute building have a river of water running under them.

We are experiencing a very wet May and June so far but had a subpar snowpack this winter. Mother Nature will run her course, and mankind will not tame her.

Go by the Pan and Fork in the next few days, and tell me it is a good location for a hotel! If you think so still, then wait for the 100-year flood!

And why on earth would you use taxpayer dollars to landscape and install a gravel path in an area that is designed to be breached and washed away? We all make mistakes, so admit it, fix it, elevate the rock wall, and make it a fantastic river park that Basalt will be proud of even when the 100-year flood does come.

Be safe on the rivers.

John Norman