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Letter: Abolish the Historic Preservation Commission

So let’s get this effrontery straightened out: “Aspen’s Historic Preservation Commission wants major changes to (St. Mary Catholic Church’s) project. … (The commission) … sent a clear message to applicants St. Mary’s Church/(Catholic) Archdiocese of Denver (“City: St. Mary’s addition should respect integrity of the building,” Aspen Daily News, Aug. 29).

Is the Historic Preservation Commission filled with bunko artists trying to be untouchable banksters with Aspen City Attorney Jim True misadvising them? How true is True in telling them about the federal Religious Land Use and Use and Institutional Persons Act and why it was enacted?

Why are they a collective of bunko artists? The clear answer is: How many shacks and worthless houses and buildings did they declare historic when they were and still are plain old junk? Quite a sum for little ski town.

Furthermore, the commission is a laughingstock in the world of architecture. Many of its past and present members flew over the cuckoo’s nest a long time ago.

In fact, City Hall, the Historic Preservation Commission and the many opponents of the Silver Lining Ranch saga concerning the Chabad of Aspen Jewish Community Center takeover should publicly apologize for their dreadful behavior toward Rabbi Mendel Mintz and his congregation. Their talk and conduct clearly violated the Religious Land Use and Use and Institutional Persons Act. True, how many times was it mentioned in negotiations and meetings? State it for the public record at large.

I believe the majority of architects and builders would agree with me and sensible people that the Historic Preservation Commission should be abolished immediately.

Emzy Veazy III

Burbank, California, and Aspen