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Letter: A woodworking inspiration

Jeanne McGovern, your article “A life in Aspen built around a love of teaching, family, community” (The Aspen Times, March 21) was wonderful, and I read the story Monday. Our wood-turning club, The Enchanted Wood Turners, volunteers in the wood shop at Santa Fe High School in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and we love teaching the students. The story of John Fisher is inspirational, and I hope you pass this message along to him. I also just turned 70 and have practiced radiology for more than 40 years but am an avid woodworker and now wood turner, and his lifelong achievements must be incredibly rewarding for him, his family and the entire Aspen community. If he is ever planning a trip to Santa Fe, we would love to meet him. All the very best, and I appreciate your writing style.

Bob Seigel

Santa Fe, New Mexico