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Letter: A witch hunt in Basalt

I am very confused about Mary Kenyon’s remarks and unfounded charges against the employees of the town of Basalt, especially Pam Schilling. I believe Kenyon’s actions are self-serving and unwarranted. I have been a resident of Basalt since 1978 and have never experienced dismay with the way any election has be executed. Schilling is a dedicated, educated and wonderful gift to the town of Basalt and does not deserve the harassment of Kenyon’s ego.

What a waste of taxpayers’ money and the staff’s valuable time. We are all not always happy with election result!

Keep up the great work, Pam! Kenyon, after 38 years in Basalt, I still don’t know everyone so I am not surprised you were confused on election day. Give it up!

Stephanie Scavullo