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Letter: A Veazy wake-up call

Okay, listen up!

This is the smartest wake-up call to many seemingly dazed and confused newspaper moguls, business leaders, manufacturers, bankers and retailers. De-hypnotize yourselves now!

Open your eyes! Why spend more and more of your advertising budget on the Internet jungle racket, where nearly 40 percent of the online-advertising environment is the ad fraudsters’ paradise?

Consumers do have more confidence and belief in ads found in newspaper print editions and on their corresponding newspaper websites than they do in computer-generated digital ads and their automated Internet-stalking environment activities.

The following are a few pointers for a forward-thinking newspaper ad-sales department and a smart company sales and marketing department to consider and run with:

1. A newspaper’s print and website readers tend to represent two distinct audiences. Both groups tend to be upper-middle and upper-income college graduates, professionals, executives and homeowners.

2 Newspaper readers tend to be the most qualified sales prospects to have the purchasing dollars for advertised products and services.

3 Shoppers use newspapers more for making purchasing decision than ads on television or online.

4. Newspapers let advertisers focus by geography, editorial environment, inserts, et al.

5. A business or a professional advertising with a particular newspaper places that business or professional in an immeasurably more influential position, especially in an affluent market.

Since last year, The Wall Street Journal continues to write many articles about how lots of precious commercial ad money is being lost to Internet ad fraudsters and their scam hustles.

My research holds more answers and clearer researched views than can be argued and printed here.

However, what I’ve done is a good beginning. Many newspapers just aren’t seeing clearly and taking full advantage of this exciting 21st-century creative-destruction ad-media environment we are in.

If only they had a Perry Mason to argue for them, then things would be much different. They really would be, as I see it.

Enough said!

Emzy Veazy III

Burbank, California and Aspen