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Letter: A tribute to the Kirk and Andy

Today is a sad day for the district as a whole / We are losing two legends; these guys have real soul

These boys are old-school, they believe in Ex-Ed / They’re not afraid to get dirty and say what needs to be said

They’re veterans; they’ve taught year after year / because they truly love it, and that’s crystal clear

Now, they call him Mr. P, and it is English he imparts / He taught thousands to write with passion and heart

He is quiet and thoughtful and funny — he cares / About students, community and the peers that he shares

Kirk is his first name, and that is what he goes by / He is witty and zealous, big and not shy

Kirk is paying attention to what is going down / With kids at the school and all over town

They are not perfect; they’re far from it, it’s true / Being slightly flawed and human allows you to be you

Somehow they have figured it out, what’s important and real / It’s relationships and connecting! And it’s a really big deal

They look folks in the eye and are honest and kind / Notice the little things and prioritize far above the grind

They know each student, embrace differences and accept / Every kid is an individual they value and respect

I hope we have all learned what these guys know so well / That teaching is about people and not about what you tell

Good luck in your retirement; may your adventures never end / Go enjoy your sweet wives; I will miss you dearly, my friends

Beth Wille