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Letter: A thousand thanks to my angel

It is my pleasure and gratitude to thank an angel, an anonymous angel, who helped me, my family and some of my neighbors at the Pan and Fork Mobile Home Park in Basalt. I was waiting for the right moment to write this letter, and Christmastime seemed perfect. To me, Christmas is a time for meditation and reflection, and this year there are so many blessings that I received, and one of them is this angel.

Last year, I needed to find a new place to live because the Pan and Fork Mobile Home Park was sold. This made me very afraid. I didn’t have any credit or a lot of money to buy a new house. I didn’t know where my family (my husband and four kids) was going to live.

I remember when I started to work with the town of Basalt on my housing options. The town of Basalt did everything that it could equally for everybody. Town Manager Mike Scanlon and Judi Tippetts were very kind people and tried to help us in any way possible. When I saw how hard they were working to help us, it made me trust them and have confidence in them. Mike and Judi helped to find homes for all people living in the 38 homes in the park. There were multiple families in many of the homes, and all were helped. I want to also say a special thank-you to the town of Basalt and more specifically to Judi. I call Judi a friend. Judi cried with me, worried with me, laughed with me and celebrated with me when my prayers were answered.

One morning, when I was coming into her office, Judi told me she had a big surprise for us, and she had a huge smile on her face. She said, “Guess what — you got a loan! There is an angel that is going to give you a loan!” I wanted to know who it was, but this person is anonymous. I was so happy that I cried all the way home. I wanted to hug and thank this person. This was an answer to a million prayers. Not only was I praying, but so were many that know me, especially father Dan Norick, the Grange family, Brad and Diana Elliott, my bosses and all of my friends and family. Thank you!

As I said at the beginning of this letter, I want to thank this anonymous angel for being so kind to us and for trusting us. I promise to pay you back! I am the person who thinks that today (and forever) there are good people on the earth, and you are one of them. I don’t know you, but please, in the name of my husband, Nuco, my four kids and me, receive our gratitude to you and lots of blessings to you from God. In this Christmas, let’s keep Christ in our life and thank God for all we have.

Adriana Cabrera de Torres


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