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Letter: A thing called fluoridation

Fluoride is not a nutrient. It is a waste byproduct from aluminum industries. This unnatural fluoride is in the same category as arsenic and lead. We are letting our cities dump this poison into our water supply. There is no way of monitoring the amount of this toxin that we are drinking all day every day. Animals and children are getting doses that are way beyond safe. There is more cancer in children and animals today than there ever has been before. Fluoride is accumulative. It builds up in your body until it causes disease. Your kidneys and liver can’t process it. There is more information and research today that proves the negative health effects of drinking fluoridated water. The Environmental Protection Agency has recently lowered the amount of fluoride that is safe for human consumption. So this tells me that we have been poisoned with the higher level. Eventually, the level will be lowered again until the EPA completely phases it out. This is not the Dark Ages anymore!

Take charge of your own health. Don’t let someone else determine what you need. People, for the health of your animals, your children and this beautiful planet, research for yourselves the history of where this waste product comes from. You will be shocked. Take charge; be responsible for your own health. Stop the medication of our water. Water is what keeps us alive. It should be as pure as it can be. Again, you are not drinking a natural fluoride. You are drinking a waste byproduct from industries.

Cris Cuda