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Letter: A terrible loss

Child loss in not an event. It is an indescribable journey of survival. The loss of Will Graham — an Afghanistan war veteran, a son and a brother — should be mourned appropriately. The Aspen Times treated this sad moment as an event with no respect to the parents and to the brother of Will. The Graham family are longtime locals, and their son was struggling with some inner issues that we all believe he was trying to figure out. Our community is small, and many people are angered by the insensitive reporting centered around the loss of this young man. The Graham family are good people, and they understood their son was struggling. Our community thrives on the hope that someone such as Will would find guidance in life to overcome his struggles. His family was trying to help him with his inner struggles. Many of us know this grieving family, as they are longtime locals. Will’s mother was an Aspen High School guidance counselor and changed the lives of many, including my own daughter. The loss of a child means the parents have a heart that never heals and a wish that this is all a mistake and their child will walk through the door again, a pain that never goes away in your heart. Many families in this community have lost children, a story so close to home for many of us, including myself. The disregarded by our community paper and its reporting on the death of this young man is irreparable, and no apology could mend the already bleeding hearts of this family. It was unnecessary. I am sending hugs to the Graham family with the intent to deliver a big message to them. This community loves you and will cry along with you as you go through this horrific journey. We are here for you!

Tana Rinaldi