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Letter: A teachable moment?

A teachable moment?

Dear Editor:

Two Jews took their dispute to the rabbi. After listening to Sol, the rabbi said, “Sol, you are right.” Then Max told his side, and the rabbi said, “Max, you are right.” So Sol and Max said, “Rabbi, we can’t both be right.” To which the rabbi replied, “You’re right.”

I haven’t been reading the local papers this week but people keep sending me emails about what’s in them. Apparently there is much speculation that no “conservative” got into the mayoral runoff because there were too many in the race. Also speculation about who “stole” whose votes. Since none of the observers is named Sol or Max, perhaps they all could be right to some extent. And wrong to some extent.

Those who consider me to be in the conservative category might note that my campaign garnered more votes than the other two commonly considered to be conservative. Did those who attracted fewer votes steal any from my campaign? Nope. Voters of many different political persuasions supported and voted for my candidacy. Should I accuse Steve or Torre or LJ of stealing liberal votes that I might have received? How silly. Each candidate worked hard to attract votes; his campaign deserves every vote it got.

Here’s my opinion. The outcome of this campaign was the result of campaign and voting mechanics. Most elections are decided that way. All candidates had positions that appealed to some material proportion of the electorate. The winners exhibited superior understanding and execution of the nuts and bolts of the election. Those who did not succeed this time might think about that.

Maurice Emmer


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