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Letter: A store for real people

Dear Macy’s and Bloomingdale’s,

Have I got a deal for you! Here in Aspen, we are having an election on what to do with this postage stamp-size property in a very good location. We are a very democratic little place, and vote on everything except plastic bags, but that is another story.

It would be so wonderful if you opened a store in that spot, one that sold real people things, like affordable clothing and sizes for normal people and sheets and blankets — oh my, I could go on forever! We do have our wonderful Carl’s Pharmacy for some things, (bless you, Carl’s — please never leave) but it would be nice to have some choice. Mention to the size 4 salesperson that you need something larger, and they lower their voice to a mortician’s whisper to tell you they do not carry gigantic sizes. I won’t even get into the prices, as the world assumes those of us here are rich, rich, rich. But little do they know that real people live here year-round and are not so rich, rich, rich, and love and need to buy things, like an occasional birthday present or dare I say it, underwear. Shop Gucci or Chanel? Are you nuts? Even tourists come here, most of whom are not rich, by the way, and like to shop, if just to say, “I bought it in Aspen.”

Best of all, you would have no competition! There is not another department store for miles, the closest being Target, which is nice, but is 40 miles away and not the be-all, end-all of shopping. I do not need to tell you about marketing, but are you seeing a niche here?

Right now, there is a gas station on the property. With the price of gas in Aspen, you may want to consider buying and keeping it as a gas station. It probably would make as much money.

Karen Silverman