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Letter: A spend-happy public

Dear Editor:

Scott Condon reported on his recent ride on the light-rail system between Golden and Union Station in downtown Denver and noted that “the cost was only $4 one way” (“Riding light rail in Denver,” June 18, The Aspen Times).

Well, no, that was what he was charged. If Denver is matching national averages, the actual cost was probably at least four times that amount. Since the difference is made up by someone other than the rail passenger, apparently it doesn’t matter.

Comparing light rail with the Roaring Fork Transportation Authority’s decision to use buses for its upcoming transit-service expansion on our 40-mile-long valley route, we are told that in Denver, “the 12.1-mile ‘W Line’ cost $707 million,” making it a “tough call” as to which would have been the better choice locally.

May we please hope that this article was meant to be satirical?

On the same day, a letter contributor listed fixing the Entrance to Aspen as an example of things that would be a waste of tax money. A new highway entrance would last the community somewhere between 50 and 75 years. The highest cost estimate I’ve ever seen for the project was about the same as what RFTA spends in two years.

Taken together, these two examples of public-policy acumen form a perfect example of why the United States is bankrupt.

Now that KNCB Moore is gone, I’m wondering if it would be appropriate to borrow his tag line, “Be brave, comrades.”

Maybe just this once, as a tribute?

Jeffrey Evans


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