Letter: A special place in traffic

An article in Wednesday’s Aspen Daily News was discussing a recent City Council meeting about the future expansions of the Aspen airport (“City Council weighs in on airport expansion,” March 23). The article stated: “Aspen Mayor Steve Skadron said that he wants the airport to convey the feeling of transitioning to a special place — a place with different expectations and values — when passengers deplane.”

So what happens when visitors deplane into that “special place” and then get in a taxi, bus, rental car or limo and enter the bottleneck backup that is the Entrance to Aspen? How special is that, Mr. Mayor?

The Castle Creek bridge and S-curves are Aspen’s great equalizer! Regardless of your transportation mode, annual income, number of homes other than your primary residence, occupation, etc., you wait and merge just like the rest of us downvalley folk coming up to do a day’s labor!

I recommend Aspen look into this problem first, as it is a present-day issue that has been a pain in the Aspen for as many years as I have lived in this valley. Nothing says, “Welcome to a special place,” like a traffic jam. And a redesign of the Castle Creek bridge that leaves it one lane is a severe disservice to everyone and hypocritical for a town claiming 100 percent green! That is another topic for another day.

John Norman