Letter: A simple smell

As a year-round resident of Snowmass, I felt the need to write a response to the negative opinions regarding High Valley Farms in Basalt. I am an employee at Silverpeak Apothecary, the Aspen dispensary that is owned by Jordan Lewis and supplied by High Valley Farms. First of all, I have nothing but great things to say about Jordan. I can honestly say that I love my job, and I only want great things for this company and industry. I understand that the smell could be bothersome to some; yet I know Jordan has gone to great lengths in order to fix this issue for the Roaring Fork Valley. At Silverpeak, I have found a career and a home. My co-workers are family, and our customers are friends. It’s amazing to think that because of a simple smell, our farm, our local dispensary and our jobs could be lost. I want to be able to keep my job at Silverpeak so I can serve the amazing people of the Roaring Fork Valley and be a part of the exciting future of cannabis.

Lauren Petersen

Snowmass Village