Letter: A sensible alternative

Responding to Paul Andersen’s motorized-bike editorial (“Motorized bikes are making inroads,” Commentary, The Aspen Times, May 30) — the big picture on this is: Do you want an alternative to the automobile?

Yes, I got an electric bike last year. Why? Because it’s an 18-mile round trip from the ranch to Whole Foods and I couldn’t bike up the hill to Missouri Heights with 30 pounds of food when I was 16, much less now. Besides, I want to ride something that might move faster than the bear on the bike path — you know, since I’m carrying food in those paniers. (Note to self: Put berries on top to throw behind you like you’re in a troika with wolves chasing you.)

Electric is a good choice for those of us who don’t wear spandex.

Ziska Childs