Letter: A respectful councilman

A City Council comprised of people who bring a variety of ideas and opinions to the table and who don’t vote lock-step with each other on every proposal before the council works for me. That’s why I’m voting to re-elect Adam Frisch.

Sometimes, Adam and I do not share the same viewpoint, but I appreciate his thorough understanding of the issues and his thoughtful comments that follow. He never acts as if he is the only expert in town on a subject. He seeks and appreciates input from all sides. His ability to remain calm and composed during some of the more heated discussions is impressive. A couple of years ago, during residents’ comments regarding a proposed building, Adam asked me a question. I gave him a snarky response. Instead of wincing, rolling his eyes or challenging my remarks, he thanked me for my input and concern in the same way he did for everyone who spoke. By the time I had returned to my chair in the audience, I decided to readjust my attitude about him being a council member (and about how I will speak to the council in the future).

The fact that Adam Frisch and I have disagreed in the past on issues will not stop me from voting for him this time.

Lindsay Smith