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Letter: A positive outcome for dog and owner


A positive outcome for dog and owner

Dear Editor:

I would like to express my gratitude for the generosity and kindness that exists in our community. I was recently made aware of a sad situation involving a local homeless man and his dog, which is now likely to have a happy outcome due to the compassion of Dr. Scott Dolginow.

The young dog, named Angel, was rescued from out of state and adopted by a member of the homeless community here in the valley. The dog became very ill last week and was diagnosed with parovirus, a potentially life-threatening illness unless treated with very aggressive and costly medical care. Dr. Dolginow was made aware of the situation, and donated this medical care at Valley Emergency Pet Care in Basalt.

Angel is now receiving 24-hour medical care in an effort to give her the best chance of recovery from this illness.

As a veterinarian, I feel very strongly that pets are a privilege and ownership carries a great responsibility and commitment. Health care is a necessity and can be costly if an animal is sick or injured. One may argue that someone should not have a pet if they do not have the financial means to care for it.

While the scenario with Angel may fit into this category, somehow the situation feels different. For someone who has endured hardships that ultimately resulted in a life on the streets, the unconditional love and companionship of a dog may be the difference between life and death. The human-animal bond may provide a purpose and a will to survive a life situation, which to most of us is unimaginable.

Angel’s owner rescued her from a bad situation, and one can hope that the love and desire to care for her may in turn help her owner improve his own.

Thank you, Scott, and the doctors and staff of Valley Emergency Pet Care, for giving them a chance!

Liz Kremzier

Doctor of veterinary medicine, Carbondale