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Letter: A poor alternative to lodging

Zoning regulations are so complicated that most property owners must hire a local planning professional to understand the rules. For some reason, none of the people who worked on the petition to bring Base2 to a vote chose to investigate what the underlying zoning of that property on the corner of Monarch and Main is. I was most surprised that the editor of this paper wrote a scathing editorial without mentioning that a property owner, by law, can build to the zoning of the property if no variances are requested (“Base2 lodge — something’s got to give,” Commentary, July 10). That is the law. Basically, to build a commercial building on that corner does not require any parking mitigation —­ just like the other three corners. The height and mass of the building can be very similar to what was presented as a lodge, but to meet the floor-area ratios or square-footage requirements, you can remove one interior floor.

So, we obviously will not get a lodge now but probably another commercial building.

With the similar group stopping a lodge by the Lift One Condos up the hill, we will have 17 new townhomes.

So, there you have it. I guess some people made the choice for less lodging.