Letter: A poem for the earth

Kudos for Paul Andersen and his column Monday (“Thinking like an earthworm,” Commentary, The Aspen Times, May 18). We do need more thinking like that regarding Mother Earth, who is a living, breathing body. Without her health, we are nothing. To add to that, I enclose a poem I wrote echoing those same thoughts.

“She Cries for Love”

The heart of Mother Earth is aching / She pulses with the pain of her people / Our mother’s need to heal her wounds / Cries out through her inhabitants

Her tears fall in rains that flood our fields / Her skin cracks in drought and dry riverbeds / Her organs are depleted through mining / Without her sacred force we’re nothing

In shifting winds of change, Mother Earth / turns inside out to find a heart anew / She twists in tornados, she flails in the winds / In quakes our mother rebels to her trauma

Darkness closes in and Love has lost its way / Earth swims in the wake of her galaxy / She no longer holds her sway

We are the change that Mother Earth needs / With compassion as the new ruling / Peach will rise in this world when hearts meet in love / Mother Earth can know balance again

With the eyes of Love we’ll begin to see change / And the power of Love will show the way

Like diamonds in the rays of the sun / We will dance with Mother Earth’s joy / The truth will be known, we are one with all / Each other, the trees, the moon and the stars

Lollie Schweitzer