Letter: A place for Aspen youth to conglomerate

I want to commend the city of Aspen for their choice of residents to be on the committee that decides what to do with the lovely space vacated by the Aspen Art Museum. I can see why Chris Bendon and Jeff Woods are likely choices to represent the city.

I would like to suggest to the mayor and City Council that instead of the third choice being another management-level employee, how about one of the talented ladies who keeps the flowers blooming around Aspen instead, or maybe that brave man who hangs the banners across Main Street? I know they or any other non-management employee could share a different perspective other than that from the top.

Personally, I’d like to see that lovely historic building by the river turned into a free community center. I’d like to see a place where young adults can feel comfortable hanging out in a substance-free environment. I’d like to see that the young people, who are the foundation of the top industry called tourism here, have a welcoming, safe place to go.

I hope you will consider my suggestion.

Kim Baillargeon

Aspen Village