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Letter: A more beautiful story to be told about Will Graham

“First, if there had not been a REDDI report and police weren’t pursuing him for drinking and driving, and had not the beer have been found in his car, I wouldn’t have written the story. Simple as that.”

This begins a response from Rick Carroll to community outrage over his misrepresentation of the life of a loved and missed local man. Setting aside the unfortunate truths and facts of Will’s struggles, this invasion of the Graham family’s personal information displayed for anyone to see, comes only days after they are dealt the reality of Will’s disappearance.

To go back to Rick’s own words, “… I wouldn’t have written the story. Simple as that.” Way to belittle and discount how deep and complex this whole story is. There is nothing “simple” about a mother waking each day hoping something has been found of her first-born son. There is nothing simple about a man, who although has record of his wrongs on file, living each day to try and better his future. To boil your mistake down to pointing out the mistakes of another is nothing but proof of the cowardice in your character as a human, Rick.

Your attempt at an explanation of your shortcomings as a writer has done nothing to rectify the grief your article has added to a large community of people who loved, cherished and truly knew Will. A man with mistakes, just the same as even you, Rick, but also a much more beautiful story than you tried to portray.

Amanda Christian


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