Letter: A misplaced thorn

Regarding the thorn for the city of Aspen Golf Course (“Roses and Thorns,” Commentary, Sept. 8, The Aspen Times):

I understand it must be hard for golfers not to be able to play their game on a couple of days over the golf season. But I take exception to a thorn being given to the third annual Adult/Junior Tournament. The course was only closed for two hours on that afternoon for the tournament; it was open before and after. (Once all of the foursomes passed around the first hole, the course reopened behind them.)

This tournament is the brainchild of my husband, Dominic Lanese. He started this tournament to give kids a chance to get out there on the course for a fun-filled day with an adult and a friend. If anyone wanted to play, they could have found a young friend to play with and joined; everyone is welcome (even some Vail friends come over).

We had 24 groups this year; next year, instead of being upset the course is closed for a couple of hours on a Sunday, get a young friend and join. You get to play golf, a young kid gets to play golf, and everyone is happy.

Emily Lanese