Letter: A marathon thank-you note

A huge thank you to all the volunteers who made the Aspen Valley Marathon a great success. To include the following: Ali Miller, Alli Freed, Allison Patillo, Amanda Wagner, Amity Brereton-Preis, Anders Weiss, Angela Vichick, Anne Adams, Aracelli Delgadillo, Ashley McGee, Aspen CrossFit, Aspen High School, Aspen Youth Center, Austin Weiss, Belle Richardson, Ben Mallory, Ben Marbach, Bill Billings, Blake Graves, Brad Seng, Brandi Smythe, Cara Haugen, Cathy Roger, Cece Beck, Challenge Aspen, Cheryl Dziedzic, Chris Keleher, Christian Curatolo, Christinana Villano, Christine Stom, Claus, Colleen O’Neil, Coloradough, Dallas Blaney, David Cook, David Guest, Deb Gravelle, Diana Spicer, Donna Wilcox, Donni Cochran, Elaine Crowley, Elder Morales, Elder Serano, Elsie Weiss, Emily Burr, Erica DeLos Santos, Fitness 1211, Gena Hatcher, Geno, Georgie Davenport, Gilles Cote, Ging Guiliani, Glenwood CrossFit, Glenwood Sweets and Wine Vault, Gwen Carew, Hans Schneider, Independence Run and Hike, Jami De Bold, Janet Gordon, Jay Engstrom, Jaywalker Lodge, Jeff Lauckhart, Jeff M​c​Mahan, Jenni Perterson, Jennifer Lauckhart, Jenny George, Jimmy Udvich, Joan Valentine, Joanne Harrison, Johanna Williams, John Armstrong, John Baker, John Pulman, John Sjulin, Jordan Fields, Juilia Spencer, Karen Zavala, Kate Phillips, Katie Reeves, Katie Stookesberry, Kathy Bender, Kathy Haber, Kelli Newlon, Kelly Braun, Kelsey Fitzgerald, Kevin O’Driscoll, Kimmie Sandbach, Kip of Conundrum Catering, Kristina Sappenfield, Kylee Schuler, Kylie Richardson, Laurie Stone, Libby Pettit, Linda Spada Magill, Lynn Bayko, Lynn Whitmer, Maggie Musch, Mark Hogan, Martin Suthren, Matt Brymer, May Selby, Michaela Idhammar, Michelle Martin, Mike Bower, Mike Kraemer, Miranda Pingree, Natalia Plascencia, Nathaly Olmedo, Natural Grocers, Ned O’Sullivan, Nick Ketpura, Patrick Kennedy, Perri Mickles, Pete D’Andre, Peter Krieger, Rebecca Mallory, Rebecca Weiss, Rob Skillman, Ryan Helm, Sabrina Butt, Sam Howland Sam Louras, Sarah Anderson, Sean Van Horn, Sheldon Hoelken, Stephanie Thurston, Tamas Kovas, Timmy Harris, The Aspen Clinic, The Ute Mountaineer, US Bank, Vitality for Life and Will Fisher …

We are sorry if we missed anyone in this letter and want to thank you again for your kindness and for giving up your free time to make this special event possible. We couldn’t have done it without you!

Kat Fitzgerald and Sean Solon

Organizers, Aspen Valley Marathon

Letter to the Editor