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Letter: A man of letters

Well, Rick Carroll, you hit the beach running like I do. Your speed publishing of “Just who is this Emzy Veazy fellow?” (The Aspen Times, Commentary, May 20) was much faster than I expected.

Yo! One up for Michael Galvis.

You see, Galvis, Lee Mulcahy, Andrew Teller and I follow in the footsteps of the truly great legendary intellectually gifted masters of Aspen newspaper letter writing.

Pete Luhn, KCNB Moore, Don Dixon, newspaper hound Sterling Greenwood, Jim Markalunas and Carl Heck have shined the light of wisdom ahead of us.

For those who wonder about Fordham University, we have several campuses, including the only traditional college campus in all of New York City.

Vince Lombardi graduated Fordham University, and so did Angelo Mozilo, of Countrywide fame.

Mozilo still lives in his home in Glendale, California, long after the housing bust and stock-market crash of 2008. Millions in America blame him for their insecurities in becoming homeless, jobless and penniless, don’t they? Right back at you.

Now it’s time for me to turn my eyes to the beach and the hot babes. He who follows the Protestant ethic, Prussianism and Spartanism deserves a little fun and the pleasant company of superfine babes. The pickup game gets played now. Work hard, then play hard.

Let me give a high-five to Sam and Cheryl Wyly. Timocracy commands all of us to excel as best as we can no matter what the odds, circumstances, choices or situations are.

What Sam Wyly heroically did during the Nixon administration was tangent to a 60-page seminar research paper I wrote at Fordham University. Sam Wyly was the exceptional exception revealed to me decades later. Only a scholar can understand how I feel upon finding this astonishing recent discovery.

Aspen’s aristocracy of letter writers, do stand up and take your bows with the Wylys and me.

As an afterthought, why can’t I find “Esquire, because he’s a gentleman” (Aspen Daily News, June 8, 2003) in an electronic archival search at the Aspen Daily News website? What’s up? It disappeared from the website more than eight years ago. Mmm — what do you think is the reason? Take a guess. What do you think? (Smile.)

Enough said!

Emzy Veazy III

Burbank, California, and Aspen

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