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Letter: A livable world isn’t a partisan issue

For those of us climate voters, the election news in Colorado hit hard. However, there is still a lot of good work to be done, and I encourage anyone who is concerned about the ecological vitality of our planet — whether you express that in terms of wilderness, clean water and air or climate stability — to stay engaged.

We are called to be evolutionary activists, warriors of light in service to the visions that so many of us hold of local, sustainable food systems; peaceful and just social structures; and colorful communities where humans and nature live in harmony. Keep telling those stories. Tell them most of all to our new senator, Cory Gardner, and to our U.S. Rep. Scott Tipton.

Remember that humans are part of a 4 billion-year-long (so far) story of evolution that will continue long after we and our children are gone. In the short 100-plus-year story of industrialization, we have seen the rise of fossil fuels and world wars, along with women’s suffrage, the Civil Rights Movement, the end of apartheid, tolerance for sexual diversity, permaculture, renewable-energy technology and a globally connected human presence. As the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. said, “The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice.”

Our local chapter of Citizens Climate Lobby will continue our work of building relationships with our elected officials. A livable world isn’t a partisan issue, so we ask leaders on both sides of the aisle to be part of the solution. We believe that human beings innately want peace, prosperity and a connection with the living world that sustains us all. We will continue to support our politicians to rise to their highest service, to have the courage to address the most pressing issue of our time. To join us, email ccl.rfv@gmail.com.

Amelia Potvin

Volunteer, Citizens Climate Lobby, Roaring Fork Chapter (Colorado’s 3rd District) and founder of The Plenty Project

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