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Letter: A lackluster entrance to Aspen

I’m well aware that our local residents do not like to be compared to Vail in any way, nor Basalt for that matter. But, the fact remains that the flowers in and around the entrance to Vail are vastly more attractive than the tall weeds that adorn the roundabout at the entrance to Aspen.

The white lights on the trees are beautiful, but they are in the winter. Spring time and summer could be, should be, at least as attractive as the daisies and other greenery that adorn our recycle “park.” The city spends countless dollars on all types of consultants, but hasn’t found a few dollars to make the entrance to Aspen beautiful and inviting. I have even heard that some folks don’t want to make the entrance attractive as that might increase the desirability of the town to the folks visiting Aspen. Also, perhaps that is the underlying reason why residents dodge the issue of the traffic snarl of the S-curves and doing something to fix that problem.

While I’m at it, the median between the airport and the roundabout is never mowed. It is a tangle of weeds! Why not at least mow it a couple of times a season? It appears as if folks just don’t care. Well, the reality is, many of us do care, and would like to see a more presentable and cared for entrance to Aspen.

Also, kudos to whomever plants and tends to the flowers at the end of several West End streets and the next-to-last curve on Highway 82 as one enters Aspen.

David Grimes

North Carolina and Aspen