Letter: A kind soul

We wanted to address the front-page article in The Aspen Times on Tuesday regarding Will Graham. Aside from the horrible timing, many have found this article to be unnecessary, vindictive and in poor taste, which is so typical of today’s media. For those of you who may not know Will, he is an awful lot more than the limited view shared in the article by Rick Carroll, who unfortunately chose to focus only on the negative aspects of Will’s life. He is a son, brother, nephew, grandson, friend, boyfriend, veteran of the 82nd Airborne U.S. armed forces, graduate of Aspen High School and native son of Aspen, to name a few. While he may have had some struggles, it seems that the article focused only on the hard times Will dealt with, when there is so much more to this young local man who is still missing. He has an enormous, compassionate heart and a very kind soul — he is always ready to give a hug and spread love. As we all pray for Will, his family and his friends, let’s keep our thoughts positive and kind-spirited rather than focusing on mistakes he may have made. Our love to Will, his family and all who love him.

Heather Anthes and Colin Marshall