Letter: A history of love for Basalt

This letter is on behalf of mayoral candidate Rick Stevens.

I have had the pleasure of knowing Rick for over 26 years while living in Basalt, and our children have grown up together. It has been wonderful to see the great changes that he has helped establish in the town of Basalt.

I am the women’s locals ski program coordinator for the Aspen Skiing Co. Rick has been one of the few men instructors whom we have invited to teach in this program. The ladies in the groups he has taught truly love skiing with him and would request him for a number of the other clinics. He listens to what they want and delivered exactly that and more.

Rick’s love for Basalt is beyond words. He has participated in the majority of our local events, promoted Basalt and shown great leadership for our town. I am proud to say I have lived in Basalt for longer than 26 years. The valley is changing, and some change is good. I feel Rick is able to create these changes without damaging the integrity of Basalt.

This past history shows us what a great job Rick has done for this community. I was fortunate to work with Rick in 1997 to start a new town festival, Basalt River Days. At that time, the Basalt Chamber of Commerce needed help financially. Rick came up with the idea of joining this event with the chamber. Basalt River Days was a huge success and ran for over 10 years.

Because of all that he has done for our community, and all that I know he will continue to do, I am supporting Rick Stevens for the mayor in Basalt.

Teri Christensen