Letter: A great time for the kids

Writing on behalf of Carbondale Middle School students, we would like to thank the Aspen Youth Center and Aspen Recreation Center for allowing us to spend time in their facility during a recent field trip to the Aspen Recreation Center. Our valley is truly blessed to have this valuable resource for teens. Most towns could only dream of having a facility and organization like this!

The Aspen Youth Center is a welcoming, safe and fabulous space for teens. This organization provides a structured setting for them to learn interpersonal skills, gain confidence and be in a secure environment. The staff members are positive role models and have caring personalities and patience for every teen who walks through the door. Our students had a tremendous amount of fun playing games with one another and made connections with both youth staff and students from other schools. If you are reading this, please consider making a donation to this treasured program right here in our backyard.

As always, the Aspen Recreation Center was happy to host more than 100 kids for the day. Not only does it do an amazing job accommodating our large group each year, but the staff is wonderful with the kids. It works extremely hard to make sure the kids are safe and having a fabulous time!

Thanks again to both the Aspen Youth Center and the Aspen Recreation Center.

Sara H. Porter