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Letter: A Gray area

Mark Twain once famously said, “I am not one of those who in expressing opinions confine themselves to facts.” Apparently Sue Gray adheres to that same philosophy (“Pro-Israel writers don’t have the facts,” Letters, Sept. 8, The Aspen Times). Although I must admit one of her facts was about half right, which for Gray, is a big step up.

In her list of truths, the first stated that Hamas was chosen in a democratic election. That is true, but nobody that she mentioned in her letter disputed that. The Palestinians made their bed, and now their suffering in it. However, she then goes on to say the military occupation did not end and that only civilians left. That is one of her 100 percent wrong facts. She then went on to quote part of a New York times article from 2005, and her part said the greenhouses were destroyed, period. The article actually said about half were destroyed. The article went on to say efforts were underway to purchase the remaining half by a group of Jewish philanthropists to give to the Palestinians. That deal was successfully concluded for $14 million, and the greenhouses were given to the Palestinians.

At that point, after having been given the 500 acres of viable, untouched greenhouses, an Associated Press article of Sept. 13, 2005, went on to say “Palestinians looted dozens of greenhouses on Tuesday, walking off with irrigation hoses, water pumps and plastic sheeting in a blow to fledgling efforts to reconstruct the Gaza Strip.”

Sue was right in concluding “The truth is easy to find if you bother to look for it.” The only trouble was she quit half way through.

Buster Feldman