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Letter: A friend in need

Dear friends and neighbors,

Many of you know Jill Pomeroy. She is a longtime Aspen resident and is married to an Aspen native. Many also know that for years Jill has been suffering from the pain of migraine headaches. What many do not know, however, is that over the past year, her suffering has become much worse. What was once a few headaches a month has become every single day! Currently Jill suffers every day from crippling chronic migraines that often last most, if not all, of the day. She cannot work and is forced to spend her days suffering in bed.

Jill has tried every treatment imaginable, both Eastern and Western, but nothing has helped. There is, however, a new surgical treatment that promises possible permanent relief, nerve-decompression surgery. From doctors’ treatments that Jill has received in the past, she appears to be an excellent candidate for this surgery. For this treatment, a doctor looks for blockages under the skin — muscle, tendons, blood vessels, etc. — that may be impinging on the nerves in her head and causing her migraines, and the doctor then eliminates those blockages.

In spite of studies showing that the therapy has at least an 80 percent success rate, insurance will not cover the cost of the surgery. This is why I am writing this letter today. Jill and her family are faced with thousands of dollars in bills to give her some measure of relief from her daily pain. We, her friends and family, are raising funds to help out this longtime local. If you can help contribute to Jill’s surgery costs, there are two ways to do so: You can send your contributions to any Alpine Bank and have them deposited in Jill’s benefit account that has been set up, or you can contribute directly at http://www.gofundme.com (search “Jill Pomeroy”). If anyone wants to do more, or if you cannot contribute but want to help, you also can post the fundraising link on your Facebook or Twitter account.

With help from all of the people who know and care about Jill, Jim and their family, we can hopefully get Jill back to the fun, exciting and lively person who we all know she is.

Michael and Wendy Blakeslee


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