Letter: A disingenuous position by Hobby Lobby

Melanie Sturm wrote a column on April 10 regarding Hobby Lobby’s case that is before the Supreme Court (“Who’s imposing their values on whom?”, Commentary, The Aspen Times).

This company does not want to provide contraceptives to their employees due to the owners’ religious beliefs. Sturm’s column omits to provide her readers with what Christian values really means to these business owners. Hobby Lobby has a pension plan that is heavily invested in companies that manufacture contraceptives such as the IUD and the emergency day after pill (both of which they consider as abortion-inducing contraceptive methods). The fact is that the $75 million that they have invested in these companies represents three quarters of their total pension plan. It’s interesting how quickly Christian values take a back seat when it comes to financial gain.

The hypocrisy of Hobby Lobby and other companies who hide behind the Christian values argument is incredible.

Patricia Crawford