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Letter: A danger in the making

I often hike to the Sundeck from Fourth and Hopkins via Little Cloud Trail, Summer Road and Schiller Road, which starts at the top of the Shadow Mountain chairlift. The bottom of the road is blasted out of a cliff about 40 feet high. Many large rocks are just waiting for a freeze-thaw to come loose.

In the past month, a very large boulder has come down onto the road.

It is so big, and roughly equi-dimensional (diameter equals 40 feet) that it would roll and destroy anything in its path if it were bulldozed off the road in one piece. It will have to be drilled and split.

It will surely be dealt with before ski season, but I ask that it be dealt with sooner because I am not the only hiker who will be using that section of the West Side Trail while sunny afternoons are still warm. I am more paranoid about this than most people because I am deaf.

David Bentley